PunktB is a venture capital and venture management firm focusing on early-stage and growth investments.

To see an idea take shape and be realized is amongst the most inspiring and awarding experiences in life. To get the first customer on board, proving you were right, or the first key employee that will help you change a part of the world, that’s satisfaction and gasoline for moving further.

All my life I have been involved in nurturing ideas, growing and transforming organisations and companies. This goes back to my childhood with entrepreneurial parents and through my professional career.

I bring close to 20 years of experience from roles as CEO/ Managing Director, Business Development and Venture Capital. Skills are primarily understanding customer needs, business models, business development, strategy, financing, change management and taking ideas to the next level.

Experience from a large number of industries but primarily within media, internet, tech, gaming and entertainment, both Sweden and around the globe.

Resided and explored the start-up scene in Hong Kong 2013-2015.

More details on professional background on LinkedIn