PunktB is a venture capital and venture management firm focusing on early-stage and growth investments.

Our new fintech startup is on the news. Entrepreneurs, come to capcito.com for accessible and flexible financing.

Capcito takes invoice financing to the next level, starting in Sweden. Entirely online, and integrated with the major cloud based accounting platforms, Capcito enables companies to borrow money for growth or other operational needs, using their invoices as securities. Enrolling takes just a couple of minutes, and the loan is paid out in less than 24 hours – also for new customers.

Secures SEK 5m in funding plus additional funds for SME lending of SEK 100m.

Capcito.com opened on December 4th, 2015.

Capcito.com is founded by the PunktB partner, Michael Hansen, Mattias Axlind, former CIO and Head of Credit Solutions at Bisnode and Henrik Dyberg, CTO at SoftOne and experienced in SasS solutions.

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