PunktB is a venture capital and venture management firm focusing on early-stage funding and growth.

Successful entrepreneurship comes through hard work, passion, seeing and believing what not many others have seen so far. That takes courage and commitment. PunktB shares the passion of growing ideas and companies and we loves to be in on the adventure and increase your likelihood of succeeding.

PunktB is a venture management and private equity company focusing on identifying, growing and exiting companies, primarily within Internet, Media and Entertainment.

PunktB is not just another venture capital or traditional investment fund only concerned about ROI for its share holders. At PunktB we invest our own time and funds offering great flexibility and joint interest with the founders of each company we invest in. We will always be in it together, sharing both failure and success.

Since 2003 we have been taking close to 50 different ideas from Point A to Point B (PunktB in Swedish). Do you and your idea has what it takes to be the next one?